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McCabes Miniature Horses

McCabes Training Center & World Champion Miniature Horses


At MTC you will find the best of the best in miniature horses. Invest with confidence, all the miniature horses for sale here are Champion Bloodline Miniature Horses. Our miniature horses have excellent pedigrees, conformation and talent to go with their accomplishments.


What makes a Champion Miniature Horse? Expert Breeding, Expert Training & Expert Handling. All of our Miniature Horses are trained by world renowned Expert Trainer and International Judge Mike McCabe. Mike has over 50 years of experience and well over 100 World Champion wins at the AMHA and AMHR.


Mike’s rare and unrivaled experience is available to you through our miniature horses for sale and Miniature Horse Training Clinics


Raising Champion Miniature Horses is Mike’s passion. He devotes all of his time exclusively to miniature horses to provide clients like you with award winning miniature horses you will be proud of.

We invite you to look through our prized miniature horse stallions for sale and miniature horse mares for sale pages.

Our miniature horse bloodlines are well-known with many National Champions and their respective get available for sale. 

We have AMHA/AMHR Halter Horses, Single Pleasure Driving Horses, Country Pleasure Driving Horses...ready to show!

There is nothing more beautiful than a graceful, elegant moving miniature horse that uses their body and soul to work and perform for you. 

We believe that expert miniature horse breeding, a kind hand and an eye for a champion have proven to be a winning combination for MTC. We welcome the opportunity to share our experience and passion with you. 

It is extremely  rewarding to see our amazing miniature horse athletes working with new owners, growing, breeding and winning repeatedly in the ring.


We look forward for the opportunity to discuss your miniature horse interests, goals and plans.  Give Mike a call today at 937-866-7159 or email us at:


AMHA/AMHR Miniature Driving Horses & AMHA/AMHR Miniature Halter Horses

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Where our focus is the miniature horse...the athlete in halter and driving.